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"My counsellor is a ”career angel”. She truly loves her job and her dedication and empathy to her clients shines right through. What I truly admire about my counsellor is her profound knowledge on the Canadian workplace environment. Being a newcomer in Canada, her compassionate but direct advice was crucial for me. She gave me hope and encouraged me to cherish and make full use of my education and experience from Europe. Donating generously her time, she provided me the support I needed to engage the right employers, in a confident and professional manner. I would recommend her without hesitation, as a devoted career and life coach, a visionary mentor and a wise teacher."

CP / Confidential

"My continued appreciation for your valuable guidance and support. You have undoubtedly equipped me with some needful resources I need to make a positive start. For this reason and all else, I once more say 'Thank You'. Wish you all the best in that which matters most to your wonderful heart"

MLT / Confidential

"I feel very blessed to get to work with someone that takes the time to think about their client's abilities, experience and preferences like you"


"I do not want to say 'Goodbye' as I did received a lot of helps from you, especially when I was emotionally low."


"Meeting you has inspired me. You are my lucky charm.Thank you!"


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