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You will benefit from immediate and comprehensive service that include information and, upon request, referral to free employment services available on the market. This is because, should you require personal and sustained job search assistance, total support will be offered in a very convenient format.


As you face a new market, new culture and especially a new language, your frustration increases. Some will probably argue that it should be quite the opposite for reasons of adaptation. Contrarily, this is because you experience life in new and unique settings, beyond expectations and assumptions.
But what about you, the hole rounded person? Are you quite the same? You are unique and posses an impressive combination of skills, knowledge, interests, values, talents and, last but not least, weaknesses.
In your quest for the sought employment, the realistic approach will force you into identifying and accepting your weaknesses. We know and hold precious what we can do well, very well or best. This gives as confidence. However, the experience in new settings teaches us quickly that being equally aware of shortcomings and embracing ways of improvement is crucial.
Most of the time, identifying this all by yourself is not easy or can be very lengthy. The support of relatives or persons from your circle of friends is not enough or can even mislead you.
Therefore, the best thing you can do is, in addition to your own research and efforts, to add specialized information and guidance. This information is not only current but is also verified by numerous cases and situations.


Strategize your activities / efforts: I can help you gather / obtain very useful, essential information that you can immediately use in an effective way. This will result in considerable and immediate savings.
I can give you answers to some of your ardent employment and culture related questions so that you will easily find solutions and creatively develop action steps towards sustained employment.
I can create a safe and confidential environment / confidentially- safe environment where you can land your worries and transform them into meaningful actions.


My services were developed based on observation over a long period of time. This allow me to conclude that even very experienced and job search savvy people need the guidance.
My experience, understanding, and counselling skills were developed while working for locally well known, large employment agencies. Two of them are renown for the various immigrant services provided over more than 20 years.

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