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Our mission is to help individuals identify and bring out the skills and personality traits they have and can offer, to develop new skills,to build motivation and confidence, and to empower them so they can reach their full potential.

To do this, we will maintain the commitment of consistently doing our best, of being impeccable with words, of refraining from making assumptions and from taking anything personally.

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Our website was designed with You in mind; Your Awareness, Strength, and Accomplishment.

The combination of first hand immigrant perspective, professional knowledge and local employment experiences, with the experiences of the clients serviced during more than 16 years, many of them immigrants, helped the development of a strong understanding of the best strategies, best practices, and the practical approach required for increasing the chances of obtaining meaningful employment.

For most people, the experience of being or becoming unemployed holds heavy and possible lengthy connotations.

When leaving the job due to immigration plans or when loosing the job due to various reasons, one’s precious life can turn into difficult survival that can last for an uncertain period of time.

The dynamic of such situation can be excruciating as it affects not only the person in cause but also the dependants.

Close observation of people in search of employment, of labour market trends, of employers’ needs, demands, and practices, as well as of the activity of major recruitment agencies, led to the implementation of thorough and effective assistance and services.

The measurement of our results revealed a high percentage of success over reasonable periods of time, generally within a few months period, with progress depending mainly on English language knowledge, professional goals, and adaptability levels.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

Albert Einstein

Awarness Strength Accomplishment

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